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Protocols and actions to follow


For your safety, we have implemented protocols and actions to follow during your stay at the Francisco II hotel.
  • We have reduced textiles, room rugs, decorative objects and amenities.
  • We recommend, and we express it with posters throughout the establishment, to maintain a safety distance and to take extreme hygiene and cleaning measures.
  • We have reduced capacity in common areas.
  • Cleaning and disinfection in all the spaces and furniture of the hotel and its complementary offer.
  • Inform customers of the measures that directly affect them such as the use of a mask throughout the establishment, temperature measurement at the check-in, hand disinfection, safety distance, ...
  • Protective screens at reception.
  • Encourage card charging and disinfect the POS after use.
  • Deposit cards in a container for later disinfection.
  • Telephones and computer equipment are disinfected after use.
  • Placement of disinfectant carpets at the hotel entrances.
  • We have a non-contact thermometer for temperature control.
  • In the parking service we avoid the manipulation of customers' cars.
  • In restoration as a general measure, we reduce customer intervention.
  • At buffet we implement the formula for assisted service and single-dose.
  • In case of high demand for the catering service, we organize a shift system.
  • In the room service, the waiter must wear gloves, a mask and maintain a safe distance, the dishes being sanitized by a dishwasher.
  • The removal of waste is agreed with the client.
  • In rooms, blankets and pillows are protected.
  • Hair dryer and hanger disinfection.
  • All non-pedal bins are eliminated.
  • In common areas we pay special attention to cleaning and disinfection.
  • We have a hydroalcoholic solution in places of passage.
  • Common toilets have a paper towel dispenser, hand dryer and non-manually operated waste bin.
  • In the gym, the occupation is limited to a maximum of 3 people and with an interval of 30 minutes between one use and another: after use, it will be cleaned and disinfected.
  • Ventilate regularly to renew air.
  • Within the elevators, the rule of not sharing use between people from different family units will be applied even if a mask is used.
  • The frequency of cleaning and revisions is increased.
  • Daily ventilation of common areas in which there is circulation of customers.
  • Safe use of disinfectant cleaning products.
  • In rooms we specifically contemplate the airing and the replacement of towels and bed linen.
  • The minibar service is minimized, becoming free with water service.
  • Travelers from other autonomous communities must register in the form found at the following internet address: https://coronavirus.sergas.gal/viaxeiros
  • Travelers from abroad must fill out a form at the following internet address: https://spth.gob.es
  • We are obliged to inform the health authority in case of suspicion of a case of Covid-19.
  • If a client refuses to cooperate and follow the health instructions, we must invite them to leave our facilities and otherwise we will call the National Police Force.
  • If a confirmed case of Covid-19 is discovered, apart from notifying the health authorities, we will make it known to all hotel staff who may be related to said patient.