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Hotel Francisco II, Ourense

Hotel Francisco II offers its visitors a careful set of services, among which you can find:

Cafe and Restaurant
Breakfast Buffet
TV room and reading room
Fitness Center
Free WIFI access
Business Center
VIP room
Room service 12 Hrs
Rooms for disabled people
Mobile Phone Charger Service
Slogan / Cloakroom
Tourist Services
Turkish bath
Car Wash Service
Electric car recharge service

Breakfast Buffet

Hotel Francisco II offers a delicious buffet breakfast to start the day. Daily service in our restaurant "The Garden" at the following times:
  • Monday to Friday....................07:30 a 10:00
  • Saturday...................................08:00 a 10:30 
  • Sundays and Festivities........09:00 a 11:00
The breakfast buffet cost is 8.80 euros (VAT included). Breakfast can be served in your room at no cost. The breakfast buffet consists of:
  • Cold drinks: orange juice, pineapple juice, water and soft drinks.
  • Hot drinks: milk, coffee, tea, tea.
  • Pastries: croissants, chocolate Neapolitan, shaped pastry, brioche bread, milk.
  • Pastry: apple pie, chocolate, nut.
  • Bread: white bread and mold.
  • Eggs: omelette.
  • Hot: potato omelette.
  • Meats: ham country / york, cheese, salami, sausage, salmon.
  • Cheese: Goat with quince.
  • Grains: corn flakes, choco Krispis, muesli.
  • Fruit of time: in the piece and cut.
  • Fruit salad.
  • Yogurt: natural and fruit.
  • Butter, jam and honey.
NOTE: breakfast will be charged even if they are not taken.

Turkish bath

Turkish bath, a modern service that offers our customers the experience of the ancient tradition of purifying baths. Some benefits of this modern relaxation technique: - When the vapor content is higher than the amount of water present in the epidermis, over the skin is formed a layer of moisture that provides heat to the body.
The simultaneous action of heat and steam helps controlled lymphatic circulation, dissolving toxins and favoring the expulsion of the them. Steam bath, for its relaxing and invigorating, shows one of the best therapies to combat stress and strain which we are subjected to every day, it is also a nice way to improve our physical appearance.
The Turkish bath can be taken at any age, is an optimalblood pressure regulator and a therapeutic and preventive tool ispensable forrespiratory problems.

  1. Children under 18 years old are not allowed.
  2. Pregnant women and people with heart disease, diabetes or hypo / hypertension should not use these facilities without medical authorization.
  3. The entrance to people suffering from infectious contagious diseases that endanger the health of other users (skin problems, flu, etc.) is prohibited.
  4. The use of flip flops and swimsuit is mandatory.
  5. It is recommended not to use the service for more than 15 minutes in a row and it is recommended not to change position abruptly.
  6. Shaving and waxing are strictly prohibited.
  7. Smoking, drinking, eating or carrying out any act that produces waste on the premises is totally prohibited.
  8. It is prohibited to carry out dangerous activities that disturb or endanger the integrity and health of the users of the room.
  9. It is strictly forbidden to manipulate the programmer of the Turkish bath.
  10. The hours of use are from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and in 30-minute intervals. It is required to make an appointment at Reception.
  11. The cost of each 30 minute session is € 15
  12. These standards have been adopted to ensure the proper functioning and maintenance of the Turkish Bath.
  13. If you find any issues in the room, please let us know.


At the Hotel Francisco II have a 3 floor parking available the 24 hours of the day. Due to the central location is an ideal service for visitors who travel with their own car, forget about walking around the city looking for a place to park.
The parking has a specific area for motorcycles and has special places for disabled people. You can use the car park from the date of entry until the afternoon of departure day included. The parking price is 9.90 € / night + I.V.A.

The hotel has a ford for loading and unloading luggage. Please note the maximum use time is 20 minutes. The vehicle cannot be parked in this area, as otherwise vehicles may get towed.

Business center

The Business Center offers visitors a private space with internet, television, business office, telephone and minibar. 
The Business Center at Hotel Francisco II is a space provided free of charge tovisitors at the hotel in which to perform their work activities with all services. Navigate the web, meet your colleagues and continue your work comfortably alone or with others without leaving the hotel. 

A game console is available.

Fitness Center

We have a gym with all kinds of exercise machines of last generation for the training and maintenance of body. Machinery specialized exercises for arms, leg, abdominal and cardiovascular exercise. We have exercise routines tables.
The gym has its own services and dressing rooms for male and female. Do not miss the chance to go to the gym for the inconvenience of being away from your place of habitual residence.

Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m

Free service for guests.


Hairdresser, also new in our hotel, which offers professional equipment adapted for carrying out own hairdressing services requested by our customers as well as an additional service massage, all set in an atmosphere of total relaxation.

Service on request.

TV room and reading room

TV room and reading room, offers the possibility to have fun with a good TV show, movie, or use it as a way to relax by reading a good book.

And also...

WIFI access in all hotel facilities so you can connect to the Internet from anywhere: cafeteria, reception rooms...

Tourist Services: we inform of tours, car rental, show tickets, etc...